I have been self employed since September 2017 and I took that step trusting in my abilities and experience.

Luckily up until this date it has been financially successful and empowered me to create my dream of starting my own company- Lillybrooke Financial Services.

Previous blogs have been put together by my employees and or people I have employed to do so. However now I this is from me.

My opinion on the coronavirus itself vs other matters in the world such as the economy/ enviromental / other health issues are very hard for me to compare to something I am not educated enough on to make a comment on.

However in my own world and my own everyday life, I can honestly say I have never been so worried.

As a small business owner it feels like the future of Lillybrooke is currently out of my control. No extra effort/ advertising is going to surpass this current situation….which is scary beyond belief!

How a mortgage company works is based upon a pipeline of submitted applications… with 75% of Lillybrookes pipeline being of a new purchase or home move nature, this is a very worrying time!

Soon/ currently my own customers are off work and/or out of pay, so making a new drastic financial change, all of a sudden is no longer appealing…despite any need for a new home.

The government so far has been immaculate in my opinion for supporting someone in a position like myself. My hope is that they will do that for everyone.

Otherwise small businesses like myself will soon see grants/ help from the Gov overtaken by loss of cash flow.

This message is not to encourage new businesses/ for my own personal gain nor to stop existing homeowners from their futures homes. Simply a message of my thoughts.

I wish everyone the best in these very peculiar times, of which I never imagined any of this would have happened, especially after Brexit!!


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